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  1. Shalvah Adebayo says:

    This book is great, and simply touching. Inspired by how John comes to terms with the Truth. Keep it up, Frank.

  2. jane says:

    hi i desperately want to read the book. i live in a country called Zimbabwe in Africa. how can i get hold of this present darkness and where. please please help. im desperate.

  3. Matt says:

    I just received House in hardcover for Christmas. The only book I have left for my hardcover collection is Prophet. I can’t find it anywhere. Has it come out in hardcover? Will it? Thanks so much! I am a huge fan!!!

  4. tammy ramey says:

    The Prophet was the first book of yours that i had read, since then i have read several others and of course reread this one several times. no matter how many times i read it i always find something new to touch my soul.

    thank you Frank for such a wonder gift of writing.

    tammy ramey

  5. Barbara J. Mullaley says:

    I have read all yours books except for “Prophet”. I can truly say that I have enjoyed everything that I have read so far. I just received “Illusion” in the mail yesterday, and can’t wait to dig in. Thank You for reaching out to all of us through your written words and wonderful stories of Faith. Bless You…….

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