“Illusion” is ready.

By frankSeptember 22nd, 2011News and Official Updates63 Comments

Well, hello everybody.

Yep, the official title now is “Illusion” since the novel is about a married couple who are magicians.  It’s part love story, part sci-fi thriller, with some great characters.  We’ve finished up the big macro-edit, and then the more detailed line edit, and now I think we’re about ready to get the artwork done and then, at some point, go to press.  The book is typical Peretti novel length, I guess, over 600 pages, somewhere around 150,000 words, same size as The Oath, The Visitation, or the Darkness books.  No spiritual warfare per se, but plenty of suspense and weird stuff to figure out.  Christian message?  As a matter of fact, yes, but I don’t spoon feed it to the reader.  Those who have an ear will hear.

I’m going to retreat back to my Garden House to pray, think, and blab at the computer – I do a lot of brainstorming through dictation, very cool – in hopes of finding a word from the Lord for a talk I have to do toward the end of October.  I don’t get out to speak much these days, but when I do, I earnestly desire to have something worthwhile to say, so be praying for me.

After that … well, the next book.  No ideas yet, but that has never been a problem.  Working for the Lord all these years I’ve observed, “When you need it, it’ll be there.”  God is Faithful.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Sean Averill says:

    amen God IS faithful!!

  2. Bob Nufer says:

    I’m so excited that you are coming out with a new book! It may take you awhile to come out with new stuff sometimes, but everything I’ve read from you has been great. Keep up the good work and praise God! I will definitely be praying for you.

    • Bob Nufer says:

      Also, my birthday is March 6th, so that is an awesome gift. Definitely going to try to have someone buy it for me if I don’t myself.

  3. Davey says:

    Great to hear how the book has come to almost-completion, Frank!

  4. Daniel says:

    I am excited for this book. I have been a fan since 2007. Your last new book was in 2006. This is my first opportunity to read a brand new Peretti book. I love all of your other books so I am sure this one will be great, too.

  5. Julie says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait!

  6. Neylla says:

    Amasingggggg!!!!!!! I´m so exciting to read all this and know that your new book it´s come true…I´m a brasilian and you can´t imagine how your books bless me. I can´t ready all this page in inglesh, that the new book have, because my inglesh don´t permit, it´s not so good, you should already have noticed :-) because of this I will pray since it´s already for a version in protuguese :-) And you can be sure that I will pray with my heart for the completion of this book that is weapon in the hands of God…Hugs and Strength… God IS WITH YOU!!!

  7. chichi says:

    hi Frank, am crazy fan of your books, your first book I read was piercing the darkness, I took my prayer life more seriously after reading it and God has been faithful he helps me daily to keep up, i always thank God for you and am really grateful that I read that book.Can’t wait for this new book…I know its going to be mind blowing.God bless you and keep you, give you wisdom everyday.

  8. Carolyne says:

    Can’t wait for the new book! My friend Sarah and I both read the update and nearly fainted with excitement!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the world and using it to glorify God!

  9. Chris O says:

    Very pumped Mr. Peretti. How about writing about a Christian school teacher in a public school? :)

    • Missy says:

      While you are at it, put in a Christian Principal dealing with various spiritual warfare during the day. Even with young children. Lord help us ALL in the school system. :-)

  10. Hannah says:

    Yay! I”m sooooo happy your coming out with a new book. I have been a fan for as long as i can remeber. I own almost every book that you have done and still read them over and over. I truly love what you do with your storys.

  11. Anna says:

    SO HAPPY!!! It made my day to see that you are coming out with another book. Thank you so much.

  12. faniran grace says:

    GOD used your book piercing the darkness to deliver me totally form demons,GODbless u

  13. Shakiel says:

    Woohoo! Love the title. Can’t wait to read it. God bless you Frank!

  14. Hello Mr. Peretti:

    After the conclusion of “MONSTER” – great read by the way! – I saw a transcripted interview in which you revealed a potential additional novel to the This PRESENT Darkness series.

    Any latest inspirations on this? What with the world situation and all that these implicate, there is material aplenty to draw from, eh?

    Looking forward to reading ILLUSION – this represents your longest novel yet, does it not?

  15. Beth Gill says:

    Where will you be speaking. Brad and I would love to come listen.

  16. Riaan Meiring says:

    Good day Frank,

    I’m working in a well known Christian Bookshop in South Africa and it is there where I first saw your novels. I’ve read most of them and . . . WOW! Great books with a powerful Christian message. I’m suggesting your books to many of our customers. Thank you for using this wonderful gift the Lord our God gave to you, Frank. I’m looking forward to ‘Illusion’ ,and I’m praying for you.

    God Bless

  17. Tosin says:

    This is indeed great news.
    Of course you do not spoon feed… I first learned that with the Oath, and then with Monster.
    Always on the lookout for a Peretti novel.
    I am excited to hear you do not get to speak so often, it’s good that it doesn,t get to be routine and you don’t get to trust in ‘experience’ rather than the Spirit. May God bless all those that get to listen to you pass across God’s message

    Is there still to be a ‘Darkness series’ sequel? I hope so, but don’t be rushed. If it’s ot needed, don’t rush it out

  18. Claudette says:

    It’s been so long,and now a new book to look forward to. I am so excited! My daughter and I used to race to the car after buying one of your books. As I drove, she would begin reading the book out loud. Never failed to capture within the first few pages. Really looking forward to getting my hands on the new book!

  19. Candy says:

    I’m so excited can’t wait for 2012… I have been a fan for years. I get so excited when I read your books I can’t put them Down.. sometimes that can be challenging while driving. You do such a great job of painting a vivid picture in my mind, as if I just watched a movie. I have learned so much through your writtings on spiritual warfare, public schools and colleges. You have opened my eyes to a new level of spirituality. Thank you for sharing your gift to the world. God Bless.. cs

  20. Ann says:

    I am so excited!!!! I have read all of your books and am psyched for a new one! For encouragement: I took a minute and prayed that the Lord would give you a word for your speech. :) Your words about the Lord being faithful were very encouraging, so, thank you!
    God Bless!

  21. Victoria Clark says:


    I just finished re-reading This Present Darkness and Piercing The Darkness!!! I initially read it not long after they came out but had forgotten much of the stories. Having grown quite a bit spiritually since my first read I have learned a lot about spiritual warfare and both the books confirmed a lot of how I pray against our enemy. I got so blessed reading about Sally Beth Roe getting saved that I had to put the book down and give God a shout! I have read all of your books and my son has all of the Cooper Kids books and now I’m waiting for my granddaughter to be old enough to read them.

    Anxiously awaiting your new book! God bless you and your ministry.

  22. Mide says:

    Can’t wait! I’m so glad you’re coming out with something. I keep coming to your site to see if you are, and finally!! God bless you!

  23. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been waiting for a title about this book for awhile so I’m happy to hear the name finally! Sounds like God has given you a pretty exciting book to write. You’ve always got great messages to share whether it’s on the issues of the heart, the sacrifice of love, overcoming your deepest fears, and other great lessons I’ve gotten from reading your stories.

    Thanks for being such a great writer and hope to read more updates on the story and how things are going for you.

  24. Kate says:

    I’m writing from Lagos, Nigeria. thank you for your books. The ones missing from my collection are Tilly, the Veritas project and of course, this new one! i have to wait to get it after it comes out though! Reason? the price in the nigerian currency will be steep. considering that I earn less than three hundredv and fifteen dollars per month here, well….
    am glad spiritual warfare has come to the fore altho the West is just waking up to it. down here in africa and nigeria, it is an obvious reality. it is quite painful tho that some absurd practices have crept into the teaching of spiritualm warfare. My wishes for you, sir, are in Psalm 20 vs 1-6!

  25. julius adegbite says:

    Nice to hear of the new book work from you, we trust that deep spiritual truth will be delivered to God’s endtime soldiers in contemporary laguage once again as in all of your other works

  26. jackie says:

    SO excited and looking forward to another book at last. Although, I must admit I was a little disappointed that you state “no spiritual warfare per se” your “darkness” books are the best I’ve ever read and I would love to see another. You are a blessing.

  27. Barry says:

    Screenplay for “This Present Darkness”?

  28. Beth says:

    Hi Frank,

    So glad to hear about your new book!

    I am hoping and praying you will sometime soon write another darkness book! PLEASE? :)

    I MISS TAL! ;)

  29. Nicholas Mutisya says:

    Hi Frank! I was greatly blessed by a number of your books in the ’90s but it’s long since I read another of your books! I read “This present darkness”, “Piercing the darkness”, “The prophet”, “The Oath”. How are you doing? I hope to get another of your books.God bless you

    Nicholas from Kenya

  30. William says:

    your books have brought a reality to the presence of forces not seen. thank you for writing the images in your mind.

  31. Levi says:

    Good to hear that you’re still alive and kicking! You dropped off the map for so long…we were hoping you still existed.

  32. Daphne says:


    I had the privilege of meeting you and actually spending time with you when you spoke at the Youth For Christ banquet in Sioux City Iowa. ( I worked there at the time) It was truly a blessing to me as God has used your books and your testimony to touch my life. I can’t wait for your new book, I have been watching and waiting for another book. So excited..God Bless you, I will be praying for you also.
    God Bless…

  33. Josh Bingham says:

    I read The Legend of Anne Murphy, Hangman’s Curse, and Mayday at Two Thousand Five-Hundred in the last month. I enjoyed every one. My favorite was Mayday. Frank Peretti is my favorite auhor after God.

  34. Asia Smith says:

    I miss Tal, Guilo, Armon, Triskel (I hope I spelled that right!) and all of the other angels! I hope the Lord will let you bring them back soon! :)

  35. Tyvee B says:


  36. amerissa minor says:

    I have read many of your books and am very thankful for all the good information that they supplied, they are a blessing and I know that God uses them to reach many people. I like how you said only those who have an ear will hear, its like Jesus takling in parables so that only those who God had chosen would under stand the meaning of his words. I will pray for you and I hope that your fire for God Will always burn bright, that providince will shine upon you and your family

    can’t wait to read the new book

  37. Andrew says:

    Hi, mr. Peretti!

    I’m glad to see that you’ve finished this book. Will you translate Illusion to Russian?

    Will pray for you. Be blessed.

  38. Marti says:

    Just completed Monster – Loved it – Can’t wait until this next one. GOD BLESS YOU

  39. I have not yet bought my books yet, though I do have them reserved and waiting for me at the bookstore whenever I get to commerce tomorrow.

  40. Dionna Israel says:

    GREAT!! I am so excited! I’ve been waiting for another book from you! I believe it will be yet another excellent novel and a blessing!

    No ideas for the next book… how about another Darkness Book! By far my favorite. Our youth group loved it as well! :)

    God Bless

  41. Chad says:

    Looking forward to the new book Frank. You say there is a Christian message, but it isn’t spoon-fed. Why not? You can’t assume every reader of your book is a Christian. Why not add a presentation of the gospel at the end of each of your books and tell the reader how to become a Christian? I feel that Ted Dekker should do the same. Thanks

  42. Levi says:

    I saw an ad for your new book on Facebook! Instead of clicking on it, I came directly to your website, so you wouldn’t have to pay 18 cents for my click. :)

  43. rebecca65 says:

    GREAT!!! am ready for another installment from your typewritter and pen in hand…plan to
    preorder for my nook as soon as its available………thanks for all your thought provoking works
    it helps so much to keep one focused on the right path..

  44. Kevin Cross Minchakpu says:

    Brother Peretti, you are awesome. God is getting all the PRAISE AND HONOUR for the great message you are preaching through your books. I was touched by your book “THE PROPHET”. I feel we should be voice for the voiceless, and there are many people out there crying, if we do nothing about it, they will die without KNOWING the LORD… God bless you, and give you more stories.

    • Innocent says:

      I would like for my son to be able to make wise dceisions, not based on what he wants, but what God wants. He will also need to be able to do laundry, clean, and take care of himself.

  45. Mary K A says:

    I live in Accra, Ghana and was introduced to your books around 1999 by a christian friend and colleague. What a blessing and a challenge to a life of holiness and dedicated worship prayer and warfare prayer. What is more the fact that as we pray God releases his mighty warriors to fight for us.

    I pray that our Father will continue to anoint your mind with ideas which represent spiritual truths and grant you the grace and strength to write the books so we will be blessed by your work always.

    Do stay blessed both you and your wife.

  46. sola says:

    i was introduced to your book around 2003 and i was blessed so much. what really baffled me is that around 2006 i observed that the “darkness books ” became popular again. it was then i realized that God was reinroducing the truths in those books to his people again. recently i have had an earnest yearning to read these books again but i cannot afford to buy them. please can you bless me with the ebook version i can download? If God wills i know u will email them to me. thanks.
    Will definately pray for you.

  47. Rose Rouse says:

    Reading and discussing the meaning behind the story lines of your books is one of the most interesting topics of conversations. My teenaged grandchildren are hooked along with the rest of the adults. We are all eagerly awaiting your new release of “Illusion”. I Thank God for your wonderful gift of writing and Thank You for using it so wonderfully

    A Sincere Fan

  48. Mr. Peretti,
    I have been a fan of your since I could read. Well, since I was old enough to read your books. I think I digested This Present Darkness when I was twelve or thirteen, and was hooked from that point on. Your book gave me pictures to put into my feelings and spiritual experiences I had gone through since I was three years old.
    Needless to say, I have gobbled all of your books up since then, and am thrilled to pieces that you will be visiting our small little town in Southwest Washington state!
    The Three Rivers Christian school is hosting your appearance at the Columbia Theatre in Longview, and I would love the opportunity to meet you and perhaps do an interview for my paper? (An autograph on my well-worn copy of some of your books?)
    My husband and I publish and edit our GOOD news newspaper, The Valley Bugler.
    Anyhow, I do sincerely hope to meet you – please get in touch with me at the eMail address I provided.
    Many blessings to you!
    A great fan of yours,
    Michelle Myre

  49. Mr.Peretti,

    I am a teacher and a librarian–books are very much a part of the fabric of who I am. We were looking through the distributors’ catalogs today and I found a new title by YOU. The book is on standing order for our library.

    As a teacher I have used This Present Darkness coupled with C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters for a unit in English. My students loved both books. I loved the discussions we had as we contrasted and compared both. I also appreciated your collaboration with Ted Dekker and House is a favorite of my youngest daughter.

    All four of my daughters read Tilly, and I often recommend The Wounded Spirit to our patrons.

    I am praying for God to go before you for this next engagement. I pray he would give you words and may he help you to see beyond the visible.

    Thank you for holding true to your writing integrity and for continuing to create stories that make us search and long and eagerly wait.

    Tamera Rehnborg

  50. Jon Amira says:

    Hi Frank

    I simply CANNOT wait for your new novel, my wife and I devour them as our reading time together.

    We read Monster in a matter of 18 hours (almost non stop) when we were on vacation last year (second time I had read it).

    We love your work, thanks for being a blessing in our lives and so grateful that you can continue to bless others and glorify God.

    Our greetings from a little coastal town called Langebaan, on the West Coast of South Africa.

    God Bless

    Jon & Monique Amira

  51. Elaine Barnhart says:

    I feel like I’ve been in a desert with some of my reading. Not too many capture my interest like your books do. I believe your spirit witnesses with ours and it’s so nice to know there really is a remnant out there. It’s OK to be hidden when it’s His will. Bless you for being there.

  52. Tim England says:

    You have an awesome talent brother, and I am thrilled to have another example of that in my library! You have been in my thoughts and prayers and I am glad to see you are still out there pressing on! It is ‘through the fire’ that our weakness is made strong. You have been a great influence in my life and I thank you for it. May God continue to bless and keep you!

  53. Tina says:

    This Is My Testimony
    I grew up Christian but never understood what was wrong with sin and around 18 started dating an atheist who really influenced my beliefs. He was into some very dark stuff and I started down the road of drugs and alcohol and lost a few jobs, when my life was going nowhere fast, God came in and saved my life. He showed up one day in my car one day. Yes, it may sound crazy, (actually, it’s the most sane thing that has ever happened to me) but God simply showed up. I had never felt the presence of God before and I freaked out and thought I was going crazy. I had a half hour before I needed to go to work so I drove up to my favorite lookout point and parked and began to write down on a piece of paper my thoughts (I too am a writer by nature) all of a sudden all of the arguments I had had in my heart about why God shouldn’t or couldn’t exist began to disappear and things began to make sense. I remember distinctly having the though that God was not in my car, I was simply bipolar and I needed to go to a shrink. Then I would think that thought was the devil trying to keep me from knowing that God was truly with me. As you can see, I was very confused. I wrote down on my piece of paper my thoughts about whether or not it was bad to be curious or to question God or whether or not I was having an epiphany or simply going insane. I began to write down the words “epiphany,” “curiosity,” and many other things. Then I spoke out loud to God, possibly for the first honest time in my life. I said “God if you are really here right now I need you to tell me, because I feel like I’m going insane.” Immediately the thought came into my mind “That’s ridiculous, it’s not like hi answer is simply going to appear on the page in front of you (the piece of paper I’d been writing on). So I though to myself, Ok I need to calm down I have work in less than a half hour. To try and calm down, I picked up a book to read about the different fruit of the world and the people who spend their lives searching the jungles for it. This book was NOT about God, it was a book my atheist boyfriend had given me to read. I started reading where I’d left off and read… “An epiphany is a sudden spiritual manifestation.” (Remember the questions I had been writing down only moments earlier. The book continued…) “Beauty or truth or God can exist within anything, particularly those places so commonplace we’d never thing to look. Curiosity is defined as…” and it proceeded to give a definition of the word curiosity as well as speaking about many of the other things I had been thinking about and writing down right before I picked up the book! It was like reading the explanation of my own thoughts back to me in a more intimate way that I could have imagined! There was about two paragraphs of this before the ending of that chapter, and the last few lines were “As I looked down at them, they seemed to be pointing to revelations I had yet to experience. It felt like something miraculous had fallen into the palm of my hand, like an answer to a prayer I hadn’t even realized I had been making.” That’s when I lost it and I just started weeping. God had answered me, and he sure does have a sense of humor because the words did, in fact, “pop up on the page in front of me.” Now to be honest I was not expecting to write this long of a comment, but perhaps it’s good that I do. My intention was to let you know how your book This Present Darkness helped me during the confusion of the next days following the event I have just described to you. I hadn’t read much of the bible, and knew little about spiritual war fare besides the book of yours that I had read at a very young age. Of course, it’s fiction, and I had always considered it to be science fiction, but over the next few days God woke me up to the reality of the war that was going on over my soul. It wasn’t some abstract far away kind of war of some blurry undefinable forces of good and evil, it was a real enemy that my eyes were being opened to, and behind my attempt at keeping up my facade that everything was alright, I had this terrifying feeling that my eyes were blinded and that I had been lied to, and I could not stop thinking of that book! This Present Darkness, although fictional, was the only thing that I had ever heard of in my short life that gave me some sort of point of reference to what was going on with me. It was scary and confusing, but God used the vague memory I had of that book to show me what was going on in my life and to open my eyes. That same afternoon of the experience I described to you earlier, I drove my atheist boyfriend up to that lookout point, describing to him in detail the thoughts I was having and after reading him the piece of paper I had written on, he said “Maybe you’re just bipolar.” (It seemed like more than a coincidence at the time.) Then I told him to just wait, I opened up HIS book that he had given me to read, and started reading where I had before. I watched as tears began to well up in his eyes. He spoke in a soft, amazed but believing voice, “Damn, that’s gnarly.” Within two seconds of his reaction his entire demeanor changed and he changed the subject and began to ridicule me about something or another. It was amazing. For that one moment I had seen him, and then something else took over. I couldn’t stop thinking of This Present Darkness. I was with him for three more days, and they were a few of the scariest days of my life. That night I had two dreams, in one, I was driving a car and my boyfriend (now ex) was sitting in the passenger’s seat. We pulled up to a stop light and then the car started driving backwards. It began to go faster and faster and the breaks would not work. The people outside were worried but there was no way that they could help us. Right before we crashed the dream changed and we were in a dark and gloomy forest looking for the way out. We were in a tiny clearing with thick trees and bushes fencing us in. I turned around and there was a pathway there. The path way was slightly illuminated, it was very wide and it was obvious that it was the way out. I was excited and yelled “I found the path!” He yelled back “Screw you, I’m going this way.” He began to venture deeper into the forest, where there was not even a path and he would have to force his way through thorny bushes. I woke up and told him the dream, hoping once again, that he would see the implications of what was going on, knowing what the dream meant but once again, pushing the truth out of my mind as much as I could. That night I believe I tried to commit suicide. At least that’s what my now ex boyfriend had told me, I cannot remember for certain as I was extremely intoxicated. That next day was finally the day that I left. The next day, was to be the day that I would finally leave, but it was the hardest day of the three. I don’t know how to explain it, and I especially didn’t know how to then, but I kept feeling like there was a battle going on for my life and I was stuck in the middle of it. I kept trying to push it out of my mind but the thought that being successful in doing that may have dire consequences was eating away at me. I kept thinking to myself “I feel like I’m in that book ‘This Present Darkness.’” That was the only way that I knew how to make sense of it at the time. That night I had a horrible dinner with my ex in which I literally had two bites. We were at a restaurant and a song would come on that gave me fond memories from my childhood or had a really good message, I would smile on the inside, and my ex would say something to the effect of “Wow, this music really sucks.” My eyes were being opened and I was very uncomfortable with what I was seeing. Everything just felt weird. And acknowledging that made me feel crazy so I tried to push it away. Finally I asked him, I said “Don’t things kind of feel strange right now?” And he said “Yea, like kind of surreal.” I said “Yea!” And yea said “Yea. Weird” and continued eating. He had been completely oblivious to what was happening the past three days and I have never felt so confused and alone! We got in a fight that night because he refused to tip the waitress (a very stupid mistake on his part; my grandmother had been a waitress). He was seething with anger, and I couldn’t understand why but by the end of our drive home I felt something physically choking me. It was getting hard to breathe. I apologized and I made up my mind to once again bury the truth the Lord was trying to show me. I asked if we could just forget the whole thing and go drive up to the mountains for the night. While he was away getting his things dread came over me and I felt the need to leave immediately. He came back, still in a horrible mood, and I said that I was sorry, I needed to go and spend the night with my dad, who lived a few hours away. (My dad was is a Christian but was backslidden at this time.) He was pissed but there was nothing I could do. I got in my big van and I watched him walk away. As he turned the corner it was like a veil was ripped off of my eyes. I wish I could put it into words. The sensation was like the moment you realize you’d been lied to about something extremely significant, it was like waking up from a dream, and it was like I had somehow known it all along at the same time. Before this happened, I had had my story down. I knew why drugs were OK (“They’re only chemicals! You’re not hurting anyone! You’re not going to do drugs because some old guy in congress that you don’t even know says it’s bad for you?) and I couldn’t understand why any of the things I was involved in were wrong. All of a sudden I KNEW why drugs were wrong, I knew why everything I had been doing was wrong, and I could see so clearly the actual plan that the devil had to kill me. He had been trying to kill me and I was terrified. I looked down at what I was wearing and was disgusted. I changed into sweatpants in the back of my van and called my dad. I was hysterical. I told him, “I don’t know what’s going on but remember that story of that person who they had to pray for for a long time? I think I need you to pray for me.” I drove all the way down there, I was in terror, I was weeping and I could barely drive and I felt the presence of the demonic all around me. When I got down there, the first thing my dad asked is if I wanted to watch a movie. That terrified me even more. I thought, if my christian father doesn’t see what’s happening, maybe I am just crazy. I looked at him and I said “Dad, I think I need you to pray for me.” Something about the look in my eyes must have changed his mind because he immediately put the movie away and his demeanor changed. Now we were at a hotel because my dad did not have a place at that time; he had been unable to find work for a year. I remember getting into the room and I began to pace back and forth. I will not go into the details, but I was delivered of a demon that night. Maybe more than one, I’m not sure. I had found out later that my dad had an offer to be a part of something that was going on that same night I drove down. He had turned it down months earlier because he felt the Lord didn’t want him to go, and he wasn’t sure why. If he had accepted the invitation, he would not have been available that night. He would not even have had his phone with him and I don’t know what I would have done. God changed my life. What’s amazing is that nobody gets the credit but Him. Even my father admitted to me later that he hadn’t been walking completely right with the Lord at the time. So, there’s my story. I can’t possibly include all the details of those three days, but there were so many times where I just knew that there was something else going on that I couldn’t see. Your book helped me understand what was going on. It gave me some sort of comfort and stability. I hope it makes sense how. Without it, I just would not have had any way to sort of digest what I was going experiencing. So, I thank you for that. I think that if I had written a book and it helped someone, I’d want to know about it. So here it is. And thanks for giving me an excuse to write up my testimony, because it’s something I have been meaning to get around to for two and a half years now :)

    God Bless
    Christina Mendez

  54. Crystal Dirden says:

    Soooo….Glad to know you written another book! You are my number one aurthor! I have read all of your books, Piercing the Darkness and The Present Darkness three to four times over. I’ve been checking the stores since your last book and was glad to see Illusion on the shelf.

  55. Lauren says:

    I am beyond extatic about your new book. I started reading your books when I was 10, the darkness series. And let me tell you, those books gave me a few nightmares, but it was worth it. The maturity of the substance really opened my eyes as a 10 year old girl. I have re-read all your books so many times. Love ya!!

  56. Melanie says:

    Just finished Illusion and can’t wait for your next one!!!!! As always it was wonderful reading!!

  57. I am a huge fan and would like to write a novel similar to your style especially as it relates to spiritual warfare. I am an author, but have never undertaken such a big adventure as a spirtiual novel. Are there any writing retreats that you conduct or any other avenues to get input and guidance from you as I venture into your world?

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